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Vice President

After forty years of employment with Southern Commercial Bank, a small, locally owned bank that served south St. Louis, South County and Jefferson County, Ron Moser was able to retire when the bank was sold to Midwest BankCentre in 2015. He thought he was too old a dog to learn new tricks, and it was time to move on.

Ron finds it remarkable that he's enjoyed continuous sobriety now for over 36 years, and service work has always been part of that foundation. Very early in his recovery he was invited (it was SUGGESTED) to join Harris House’s board – it was explained to him that he had two choices: he could be a volunteer/board member or he could eventually be a resident. He liked the idea of volunteering and serving on the board. Moving on from that board, he was very fortunate to be part of a small group of recovering/recovered alcoholics that wanted to startup something else, and from several round-table discussions and false starts, this small group founded Hilljack House. Since then, he has served on the board or on the advisory board for most of those years. Even when he isn't on the board, he spends most Thursdays evenings (6:00) at the S. Grand house in one of the absolute best AA meetings in town – always new and seasoned sobriety there, and always a diverse group of men and women eager to share their EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH AND HOPE with others. If you haven’t been to that open meeting, please consider this your personal invitation.

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