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Friends in Nature




The Hilljack House has forever changed my life. I came to St. Louis straight from prison. I was in both of the halfway houses for women here. I knew I wasn't ready to be on my own. I hadn't even worked a recovery program before. I had been to meetings, but had not done any of the suggested things, mostly because I wasn't ready to. I was required to get a sponsor within 2 weeks of moving in. I did so and my life has changed so much through working the steps. I've rebuilt relationships with my family, including my children, which I thought were broken forever. I thank God, my program, and the Hilljack House for all these things. 


Before coming here I was content, or so I thought, to be without friends. The women here didn't let that fly. They got me out of my "comfort zone" of being a loner. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer for the third time, there wasn’t a single lady who let me be isolated. Today I can say that I am a good friend, daughter, sister, and mother. Before coming here, I don't think I knew how to be any of those things, nor did I really want to. Now I know I have people in my life who look up to me and call me to talk about their own problems because I was able to share my own story. Two and a half years ago there wasn't anyone who looked up to me for anything, but now I'm a responsible and productive member of society. 


Thanks to the Hilljack House, I was released from probation 2 years early and have had a job ever since. Even when changing jobs, I provide my employers with a 2 week notice, something I had never done before. I pay my child support every week, and as a result, I'm in the process of getting my driver’s license back. I haven't had one since 2012 because I wouldn't work to pay for it. I honestly probably wouldn't even have been concerned about the license if I hadn’t been encouraged to look into it. The Hilljack House has given me the drive to do the things I've needed to do so that I can be the best me possible. I'm beyond grateful for all they have done for me.



A little over a year ago, I was homeless, no car, no job and I had no contact with my children or my family. All I could see in my foreseeable future was death. I was in the grips of my active addiction. Hopeless, desperate, and broken I found my way to the Hilljack House. I'm not sure why God guided me to this particular recovery house but today I'm so grateful he did. When I got here I didn't necessarily want to die, but I didn't want to go on living as I was. Willing to do anything it took to stay clean I moved into the Hilljack House. My world as I knew it changed. At first I was scared and uncomfortable. As time went on I began to feel at home. I embraced every suggestion given to me and started applying those suggestions into my life. The relationships I formed here with other recovering women have been life-changing. Today I have a good job that I go to everyday, a vehicle and a place I love to call home. I have my children and my family back in my life. Today I can say I love myself and actually mean it. The Hilljack House helped transform me from the broken little girl I was when I first walked in to the confident woman I am today.


Thank you Hilljack House for every opportunity you've given me. I will always be grateful.

Hilljack House Alumni

Watkins, Erica: President

Andrews, Liz

Anton, Kayla

Bauer, Larry

Bell, Julie

Blaine, Dayle

Brooks, Jarred

Brown, Melvin

Cahallan, Katie

Collier, Kevin

Corcoran, William

Dangling, Monica

Dreoge, Amanda

Farris, Brian

Gries, Taylor

Gruber, Jordan

Hemmingway, Randi

Henry, Deborah

Hildebrand, Hannah

Hoffman, Miles

Jamerson, Jamey

Jensen, Duyane

Kinlough, Sean

Kladky, Pamela

Kling, Daniel

Lee, Timothy

Logan, Mikel

McBride, Cathy

McCline, Kendell

McKenna, Jonathan

Nelson, Jessica

Nyland, Samantha

Pugh, Jennl

Ryffel, Angela

Scarpace, Jennifer

Schultz, Joshua

Skelton, Sarah

Smith, Crista

T, Daniel

Thomure, Randy

Vorhies, Dean

West, Melanie

White, Micheal

Whitehead, Kody

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